Admin is basically responsible for adding groups, people, assigning roles and permissions to them and reordering the meeting template format. The Admin link is accessible to the work space owner or the one to whom the facilitator has given the rights of Admin. Moreover it is possible for the authorized administrator to further assign this Admin to anyone. This Admin is not just bound to the owner of the company. The Admin link will not be visible to the members of a work space who are not given administrative rights by the owner or any of the existing administrators for that particular work space.

Click on the top right corner of the settings icon (). The first icon () is the admin tab. You will find following options:

  • Groups
  • People
  • Invite People
  • Meeting Template
  • Roles and permissions
  • Work Space settings


  1. Once you click "Groups", you’ll get the information about all the latest and previous groups. You can set name of new group and add members to this group. You can assign roles to each member.
free trail - personal information
free trail - personal information
  1. Click on the plus icon on the top header. Set Group name and click create. Your group will be created..
  1. Click on the member icon, it lets you add members and edit the roles of the members of the group.
free trail - personal information
free trail - personal information
  1. The edit icon lets you edit the name of the group.
  1. You can overview of all meetings, action items and members assigned to this group.
  2. Delete icon lets you remove the group.
  3. Archive/unarchive the group. Then all of its members will be/will not be accessible to gminutes.
    Note that if the number of Groups is exceeded as allowed to you by your plan then you will get an error message that you have exceeded your plan limit. To get complete information regarding your plan click Pricing

Now Archive and Un-Archive groups’ functionality is added and changes are made in system accordingly for the Archived group.


Once you click on the people option, it will show all the members you have invited and added to your work space. It shows you all the details of the members.

  1. lets you edit the details.
  2. / lets change the active or inactive status of the member. The Admin can lock/unlock a particular member in any work space. That person will be notified via email that he is not able to access a specific GMinutes meeting and should contact the Work Space Admin for this purpose.
add a person

Roles and Permissions:

A role is a designation or title you appoint to someone; Manager, Developer or Guest. You can choose any name depending upon the nature of his work.

  1. On the Role listing page click on Add a new role link
  2. Open create role page and enter role name
  3. Check/Uncheck the required Permissions
  4. Click create button
add a person
add a person

Invite People:

With the Gminutes’s NEW feature, now you can Import Contacts from CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. You can invite more people in one go. However the people can be invited as per subscribed package.

Meeting Template Page

Template is used in the body of the email for the meeting to display contents in given order.

You can drag the following to reorder. You will get the email in the same order as you set the list.


An agenda is a list of meeting activities in the order in which they are to be taken up, beginning with the call to order and ending with adjournment. It usually includes one or more specific items of business to be considered


Minutes, also known as protocols, are the instant written record of a meeting or hearing. They often give an overview of the structure of the meeting, starting with a list of those present, a statement of the various issues before the participants, and each of their responses.

Action Items

Action items are discrete units that can be handled by a single person.


Decision is basically the outcome of the whole conversation regarding the agendas.

Meeting Template - Option Meeting Template

Work Space Settings

With Gminutes, you can Auto Approve the settings of your work space with Yes or No options. Just Click on Update to launch the settings successfully

Meeting Template - Option