Schedule Meeting

  1. Open meeting schedule page.
  2. State the subject of new meeting.
  3. Specify the details of When, information including time and date and Where, describing the venue e.g any state, your office, conference room etc.
create meeting
schedule meeting - agenda items
  1. Select any of the existing project from the drop down menu.
  2. Select the participants of project that you selected.
  1. You can invite guests to the meeting by adding their email addresses separated by semicolon (;).
schedule meeting - agenda items
Guests are basically those people whom you wanted to attend the meeting. They may be clients or those people who are interested in your any product or service or can be helpful in your ongoing business and you want to share your views with them. They will just get the invitation of the meeting and not the details like agenda items, minutes or information about any groups or permissions etc.
schedule meeting - add to calender
  1. Now state the Agenda about the meeting which you are trying to schedule
  2. You can send a general reminder to participants before the schedule date e.g. before 1 hour or 1 day or 1 week etc depending upon your requirement.
  3. To add meeting to Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar check Add to calendar Create to proceed or Cancel to exit

Delete Meetings

With Gminutes’s latest feature of Deleting Scheduled Meetings, you can Delete your coming/upcoming meetings in one go. Moreover Follow up and Recurring meetings will be deleted likewise with an appropriate confirmation message to undergo this change or not.

  1. Go to Meetings
  2. Select the desired meeting.
  3. Click on to delete the meeting and are sent to archive.You can also cancel the meeting by clicking on the .
schedule meeting - delete

Write Minutes

Minutes, also known as protocols, are the instant written record of a meeting or hearing. They often give an overview of the structure of the meeting, starting with a list of those present, a statement of the various issues before the participants, and each of their responses thereto.

To write minutes,

  1. Click Write minutes from the menu and write in the content area.
  2. Click on next or save draft.
  3. If click on save draft, first fill the mandatory fields amd click save draft.It will save in drafts page.
schedule meeting - add to calender
schedule meeting - add to calender
  1. If click on next , you can further write decisions, assign action items and set the settings.Click save draft and it would be saved in drafts page.
  1. Now time to Write Minutes. You can add different Styles, Formats, Font Families and Font Sizes in writing minutes.
schedule meeting - add to calender

Meeting Action Items

Action items are discrete units that can be handled by a single person.

To add action item in a meeting.

  1. Open write minutes page
  2. In action item section, click on [Add Action Items]
schedule meeting - add to calender
schedule meeting - add to calender
  1. Enter action item title in newly opened window
  2. Select date and select user to assign action item
  1. Click on [Add more details] to add furthur details
    Here you can add details like,
    1. Status as Open, Pending or Closed
    2. Priority as Low, Normal, High, Urgent or Immediate
    3. Percentage Done from 0% to 100%
    4. Set the Reminders
    5. Add Description of the Action item assigned
  2. Click Save to add the details and Close Window if the details are not needed.
schedule meeting - add to calender

Agenda Items

An Agenda is a list of meeting activities in the order in which they are to be taken up, beginning with the call to order and ending with adjournment. It usually includes one or more specific items of business to be considered. You can state Agenda Items in the space provided to you. State each agenda item in new line

schedule meeting - folow up meeting


Decision is basically the outcome of the whole conversation regarding the agendas. You can state Decisions in the space provided to you. State each Decision in new line

schedule meeting - folow up meeting

Save if you want to save the entire above date click on Save. The data will be saved in Drafts
If you want to save the data and send email to the people with minutes appearing in their email address click Save and Send email.
Whereas if you want to send as well as approve the minutes then click Send and Approve

Read Minutes

With Gminutes you can read the minutes that you have written in the upcoming meeting. Moreover it gives detailed information regarding date, time, location and participants. If you have not written minutes before, you can Write minutes at the link given there.

Read Minutes - Figure 1