Managing multiple projects is easy with GMinutes. Manage and track tasks and action items for your team members. Notifications and alerts help your team to successfully meet deadlines more efficiently.

Organizing and Prioritizing Tasks

Gminutes helps you to organize your project by creating tasks and subtasks and then applying prioritizations. Setting priorities helps you to focus on the most important tasks seeing them in your prioritized order. Attachments and more can be added to your tasks and subtasks. Update completion details and mark tasks or subtasks complete in as easy as one click.


Schedule time with you or your team and easily notify participants. Inviting attendees and schedule meetings made easy. Sync your meetings with app calendar and google calendar. Increase your team's efficiency and meet project deadlines.

Instantly write meeting minutes, note meeting agenda, make decisions and assign action items.

Analyze Team Productivity

GMinutes AI and Machine Learning Engine keep track of many data points to analyze team productivity, project and task delays. GMinutes Admin can generate reports by workspace, by project, by task and by team member.

Service Provider

Service Provider portal allows Service Providers to view their tasks and provide real-time feedback on tasks. The portal can be access by text message link or email link with a secure code.

Secure GMessage

GMessage is a secure team communication tool between team members. As we also know, the biggest data breaches and data leaks happen by sharing documents by email. GMessage communication stays on secure server and can not be shared by non-members. This allow more data protection and confidentiality.

Features you'll love

Manage Projects

Manage multiple projects at the same time. Note down project milestones and project cost.

Assign Tasks

Track your team tasks to plan project deliveries in timely manner.

Schedule Review

Schedule reviews and easily notify participants.

Assign Action Items

Monitor and forecast correctly by assigning action items.