GMinutes Facebook Help

GMinutes Facebook application help

GMinutes Facebook application can be accessed via URL:

  • Create your account
  • Create meeting space
  • Log meeting minutes for scheduled and unscheduled meetings
  • Easily share meeting minutes with your friends

How to access GMinutes Facebook application?

GMinutes Facebook application can be accessed like any other application on Facebook, all you have to do is:

  • Log in to Facebook
  • Look for GMinutes in Facebook application directory
  • Or search "GMinutes" in Facebook search tab
  • In search results you will see GMinutes application icon, click on it
  • On “Allow Access” form, click on "Allow" button

How to create an account?

Once you have clicked on "Allow" button, it will redirect to the registration page

  • Enter your email address
  • Choose your time zone
  • Click on "Check" button

How to set up a meeting space?

Once you have created your account, the next step is to set up a meeting space.

  • Select a name for your meeting space
  • Choose a sub-domain
  • Click on "Create"

How to invite friends?

You can invite friends to join your meeting space on GMinutes Facebook application so you can schedule meetings, share meeting minutes, and assign action items to them.

  • To invite your friends click on "Invite Friends"
  • Select your friends and send GMinutes Facebook application invitation

How to schedule a meeting?

You can find a quick link to schedule meeting on top of every page of the application.

  • Click on quick link "Schedule Meeting"
  • Enter the fields; subject, when, where
  • To add the participants, choose the participants from the list
  • You can also invite your friends to your meeting, a notification will be sent to them
    • Simply select them from the list by writing their names
  • Set general reminder to participants before the scheduled date
  • Fill in rest of the fields and click Create

How to write minutes?

You can find a quick link to write minutes on top of every page of the application. You can write minutes for scheduled as well as an unscheduled meeting.

  • You can write minutes for:
    • Scheduled meetings
    • Unscheduled meetings
  • Scheduled meetings:
    • On the meetings page, click "Write" next to the meeting you want to write minutes for
    • The scheduling meeting fields will be already filled
    • "Agenda" and "Decisions" of the meeting can also be added
      • Click multiple agenda or decisions in multiple lines
  • Click the desired saving option
  • Unscheduled meetings:
    • You can schedule a meeting and write minutes for it in one step
    • Click on "Write Minutes" quick link
    • Fill out the self-explanatory form
    • After writing minutes, save it or send it to meeting participants for approval

How to Read minutes?

  • Click on Read minutes
  • Click on the meeting title which you want to read minutes from
  • Read minutes and approve them
  • To view the status of an action item, click on it
  • You can also change the status of an action item and add your comments