Schedule, Write and Share Minutes - Anywhere, Anytime

GMinutes is your one stop meeting minutes management solution for professionally executing meetings. All you have to do is create your meeting space, add relevant people to it and you are good to go. You can access your meeting minutes, track action items, and schedule your meetings across the globe from your PC, MAC, iPhone, Blackberry, or other mobiles device.

Save time and money!

It is estimated that in the United States, companies waste well over $15,000 annually per employee because there is no reliable mechanism for tracking action items. Delayed action items lead to delayed projects, which inevitably leads to a loss in projected revenues. With GMinutes, managers no longer have to worry about constantly reminding employees of specific tasks. Managers can update deadlines and assignments via GMinutes, and employees can update their status on pending assignments and action items in the same manner. Reminders and alarms can be set to remind members of impending tasks and ensure that action items are delivered on time. Timely managed tasks will increase your productivity level and generate more revenue. Try it now for FREE

What does GMinutes provide you with?

  1. Various meeting spaces and groups
  2. Invite different people to your groups and assign them roles
  3. Schedule meetings and send invitations to participants
  4. Write, edit, and view meeting minutes on a predefined template
  5. Re-schedule the meetings if the participants are unavailable
  6. Share meeting information with participants
  7. View and manage your action items
  8. View Calendar and Gantt chart of items against each meeting
  9. Reassign an item to another user
  10. Set alarms/reminders for action items
  11. Facilitate private conversations by providing messages functionality
  12. Access GMinutes from your PC, Mac, iPhone, Google G1, Blackberry or other mobile device.
  13. Make meeting information public or private
  14. Plans starting at $9.95 per month
  15. 10% Discount on your Annual Plans

GMinutes Features

  1. Schedule meetings and notify participants
  2. Follow up on a participant's availability in a meeting
  3. Log minutes for scheduled or unscheduled meetings
  4. Add Action Items and comments
  5. Set auto reminder for action items
  6. Add and track Action items online
  7. Easily Share meeting minutes with others
  8. Access your account from a mobile device
  9. View action items on Gantt chart or calendar
  10. Contacts can now be imported from .CSV file by our Contacts Import Module

Start Organizing your Minutes in a Professional Manner

To start organizing your meetings with GMinutes, all you have to do is register yourself with a valid e-mail address, activate your account, and create your Meeting Space - FREE for 30 days. If you only have a few participants, choose our Pro 15 Plan for one low cost. Make up to unlimited Group/Project and hold up to unlimited Users/Participants in a month.

Want more meetings ? Choose our Pro 30 Plan to conduct 30 meetings and make unlimited participants. Create even more meeting spaces and hold more meetings with our Pro 60 , Pro 100 and Enterprise Plans.

Conducting meetings has never been so easy!!!

Are you always on the go? Then view your meetings from your mobile device! You can even access GMinutes from your Facebook account.