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We hope you are finding GMinutes enjoyable and intuitive to use. However, if you are having problems, you have come to the right place.

1- Search through this page and see if we have answered your question. Most common questions are addressed here.
2- Email us at, we answer all requests ASAP.

What is GMinutes?

GMinutes is your one stop Meeting Minutes management solution. Create a Meeting space, add people to it and you are good to go. You can access Meeting Minutes and Meeting Schedules through the GMinutes website, the GMinutes Facebook application, or your mobile device. GMinutes lets you:

  • Schedule Meetings and notify participants
  • Follow up on a participant's availability in a meeting
  • Log Meeting Minutes for scheduled and unschduled meetings
  • Easily share Meeting Minutes with others
  • Add Action Items and comments
  • And much much more

How to create an account?

In order to access GMinutes, all you have to do is:

  • Click on “Sign up for GMinutes for 30 days FREE Trial”
  • Fill the self-explanatory form and click on “Create my account”
  • Upon successful registration, you will receive a message in your stated e-mail address for an activation link
  • Click on the activation link provided in your e-mail

I lost the connection half way through registration process, What should I do?

I lost the connection half way through registration process and tried to re-register and it won't do that and I got a message that e-mail is already registered.

Go to the forgot password page and enter your email address, we will send email with new password and confirmation lik to verify email.

How to set up a meeting space?

Once you have activated your account, the next step is to set up a Meeting Space

  • Select a name for your Meeting Space
  • Choose a sub-domain
  • Choose 6-20 characters for the security key; this ensures further security of your data
  • Select the purpose of your Meeting Space; individual, education or business
  • Click on Create My Meeting Space

How to create a group?

Group is a collaboration of friends, family members and co-workers, who you maywant to invite to your meetings on a particular topic. Create groups to scheduleor write minutes of a meeting. You can make 15 groups in a meeting space.

  • Click on Administration located at the top of the page
  • Click on the Groups link on Administration page
  • Click on Add a new Group link on the extreme right side
  • Enter a name for your goup and click Create
  • Once a group is created you may:
    • Invite people to your group
    • Schedule meetings
    • Write minutes for your meetings
  • Click Create to add a new group
  • Your group will be visible to you on “My Home Page” the next time you log in

How to invite people?

You can invite people to join your group on GMinutes so you can schedule meetings,share meeting minutes, and assign action items to them.

  • To add a new person click on “Administration” located at the top of the page
  • Click on the “People” link on Administration page
  • Click on “Add a new Person” link on the extreme right side of the page
  • Add personal information about the new person
  • Add user’s orrect time zone as it is critical for reminders and meeting schedules
  • Add the new person to an already existing group from the drop down menu or to a new group by clicking on “Add a New Group”
  • Set up the permission level of the new person by selecting a role from the drop down menu or clicking on “Add a new Role” for a new role
  • Click “Create” to add the new person

How to edit people?

  • Click on Administration located at the top of the page
  • Click on the People link on Administration page
  • A list of all the people that you have added will be shown
  • Click on Edit next to the person whose information you want to change
  • Edit the information and then click Update to save the changes
  • You can also edit people’s information by clicking on People under the Group Menu of a certain group

How to set roles permissions?

  • Click on Administration located at the top of the page
  • Click on the Roles and Permissions link on Administration page
  • Click on Add a new role link on the extreme right side
  • Enter a role name that describes the role/permission, manager, admin, etc
  • Set permission levels w.r.t. to the role
  • Click Create to create the role
  • You can even set the role order or delete the role

How to change the order of the meeting template?

  • The user can change the order of the contents displayed in a template used in an email of the meeting
  • Click on Administration located at the top of the page
  • Click on the Meeting Template link on Administration page
  • Now drag the contents in the order you want to view the template in, once the drag is made, the application will save the change itself

What should I expect on my Home page?

You will be taken to My Home Page after logging in to GMinutes. My Home Page consists of all the groups you are member of, your upcoming meetings, and a calendar showing action items assigned to you. The details of the action item; date assigned, completion date, will be shown on mouse over.

Personalize: You can change the appearance and outlook of your Home Page through Personalize feature.

How to schedule a meeting?

Once you have created a meeting space and a group for it, you will be able to schedule meetings. You can find a quick link to Schedule a Meeting on every inner page of the application.

  • Click on quick link Schedule Meeting
  • Enter the fields; subject, when, where
  • Choose the group you want to have the meeting with
  • To add the participants, click on Select; a dialog box will open
    • Select the participants in our specified group
    • You can invite some or all participants of that group
  • You can also invite guests to your meeting
    • Simply enter their email addresses, separating each guest with an apostrophe ( ; )
  • Set general reminder to participants before the scheduled date
  • Fill in rest of the fields and click Create

How to write minutes?

Once you have created a meeting space and a group for it, you will be able to write Meeting Minutes. You can find a quick link to Write Minutes on every page of the application. You can write minutes for scheduled as well as an unscheduled meeting.

  • You can write minutes for:
    • Scheduled Meetings
    • Unscheduled Meetings
  • Scheduled Meetings:
    • On the Meetings page, click “Write” next to the meeting you want to wite minutes for
    • Write minutes and action items related to the minutes
    • The scheduling meeting fields will be already filled
    • Action Items: to add action items click Add Action Items
      • Fill in the fields of the dialog box and click Create
    • Repeat the above two actions to add more Action Items
    • “Agenda” and “Decision” of the meeting can also be added
      • Click + to add more Agendas or Decisions
  • Click on the Meeting emplate link on Administration page
  • Now drag the contents in the order you want to view the template in, once the drag is made, the application will save the change itself
  • To upload a relevant file to the meeting, click Browse, select a file and
  • You can schedule a follow-up meeting or a reoccurring meeting in the same form
  • Click the desired saving option
  • Unscheduled Meetings:
    • You can schedule a meeting and write minutes for it in one step
    • Click on “rite Minutes” quick link
    • Fill out the self-explanatory form
    • After writing minutes, save it or send it to meeting participants for approval

How to Read Minutes?

  • Click on Read Minutes
  • Click on the meeting title which you want to read minutes from
  • Read minutes and approve them
  • To view the status of an action item, click on it
  • You can also change the status of an action item and add your comments

How to Change the Status of an Action Item?

  • Click on Action Items under group menu
  • Click on the title of the Action Item
  • Browse thru the status and click Change
  • Add comments if you like
  • Click Add to save the change

What is a dashboard and what is its purpose?

The Dashboard is the central place for displaying all pertinent information related to a particular group.

  • Track number of upcoming and previous Meetings
  • Check status of your assigned action items – delayed and closed action items assigned in a week or month
  • With specific permissions, view action items and their status, as well as those of other group members as well
  • Pie chart depicting yur delayed or open action items
  • Members of a group with their permission levels
  • Notifications for upcoming meetings

Which plan is better for me?

GMinutes offers four different plans to cater to your requirement. Each plan is different from the other in regards to price, number of participants, and groups.

If you only have a few participants, choose our Individual for one low cost, make up to 1 group and hold up to unlimited meetings in a month.

Similarly if you have more particiants and want to create more groups, choose our Choose our Small Biz 2 Plan to conduct unlimited meetings and make upto 25 participants.

For unlimited meetings and even more groups, the Med Biz and Enterprise Plans will be more suitable fo you.

How do I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account from the Accounts(Billing) link inside the application.Your upgrade will go into effect immediately and you will receive a confirmation e-mail at the e-mail address you provided upon registration.

What if I want to cancel my account?

You can cancel your account from the Accounts/Billing link inside the application. The cancellation will be in effect immediately and your credit card will not be charged after the remaining duration of your subscription expires.

How do I upgrade my account after my 30-days Free Trial is over?

Simply log in to your account and you will be directly taken to the subscription page. You can then choose a plan and start organization your meetings.

How do I know if my data is secure on this application?

For a secure connection GMinutes provides the following security features:

  • SSL encryption
  • Sensitive data encryption using AES

To ensure secure transmission of data over the web GMinutes uses SSL encryption. To ensure secure storage of data on the server GMinutes uses AES (advanced encryption standard) to encrypt data before storage on the server and to decrypt data when the user acceses it for viewing.